Matthiessen Reel Splitter

The reel splitter (guillotine) is used to recycle paper and plastic rolls (laminated film roles). Here, the goal is to divide the paper or plastic roles, so that the core (cardboard or metal) can be re-moved with little effort. The roles can be cut completely for easier processing and then be cut into further strips.

2 Loading tables and conveyor units allow simple, -by hand- feeding of the role to the prism.

An optional automatic inductive shutdown of the gap hubs enables a knife gentle cut of roles with metal cores.

An optional role hub device allows lifting of the role of the support prism. In the up position the role can be rotated by hand in order to perform the next necessary cut at any another role position.

Machine Design

  • The solid base frame of the machine is made as a welded structure of formed steel.
  • The hydraulically moved cutter bar is moved with stable wheels in low-wear lift mast profiles.
  • The slanted guide ways are hidden be-tween the bars and are easily inter-changeable.
  • The support prism for the roles are for example located 1000 mm from the ground and will be adjusted as desired and according to local conditions.
  • The hydraulic cylinder is movably mounted to the steel construction.
  • All movable parts are protected by co-vers.
  • In „start-position“ the knife is protected. With release of the switch the knife al-ways goes back to „start-position”.
  • The initiation of working stroke is via 2 pushbuttons located on the switch cab-inet, in two-hand operation.

Our standard product line allows the cutting for role diameter up to 1.5 m and a length of 4 m

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