Light Packaging

What to do with the empty light packaging such as plastic bottles, milk cartons, disposable cups, etc. when it is empty?

Into the bag. In Germany, also known as yellow bag. Recyclables such as Tetra Pak, foils, metals, PP, PS, and more can be separated economically on modern sorting facilities. This only works if all the machines work efficiently. For this purpose at the beginning of a sorting system stands a Matthiessen bag opener.

This will open and empty the bags filled with recyclables with high efficiency with a very low energy and maintenance costs.

Throughputs up to 22 t / h are possible with a machine with opening rates up to 98%.

In combination with our films - separation system the high demands of the plants on the material qualities can be achieved.

Also for the material from the recycling bin the Matthiessen bag opener is perfectly suited.