Who does not know? In black or brown tons, and also in black or other colored bags:

household rubbish
municipal Waste
Organic waste (brown bin)

Depending on the collection systems in different regions or countries, a completely different waste compositions is possible. However, all collections have on thing in common! They contain valuable materials!
Often at the beginning of the recycling facilities shredders are used. Not just that this requires a lot of energy it will also shred useful materials or even hazardous materials (PVC) unnecessarily. Anyhow since the majority of parts rather is less than 400 mm.

To recycle the valuable materials nondestructively a back opener is needed. The Matthiessen bag opener not only to open the bags, but he emptied it also without shredding the contents of the bag. Throughputs up to 50 t / h are possible with our bag openers.

For bigger throughputs, we offer our twin solution. Here are 2 units connected compact each