Although a very non-homogeneous fraction the dosage of metals shall be very evenly in order to achieve an optimum loading of the separation process. Each customized metering drum ensures the very evenly dosage.
The tines already slightly loosen the material in the bunker. The material is then thrown by help of the shovel-carriers over the rotor on the discharge conveyor. So an extremely uniform task and loosening of the product is guaranteed.

The material flow rate is controlled by regulating the speed of the conveyor unit (walking floor or chain belt conveyors) and the rotational speed of the metering drum.

A signal (for example from a conveyor belt scale) can be used for the control. This signal then controls the speed independently of the conveyor unit and the rotational speed of the metering drum. Thus, for solving even the most difficult dosing tasks.
Loading of the walking floor e.g. via wheel loader.