Bale Breaker

Matthiessen Bale Breaker are built according to proven technology. They are making bales of paper, mixed fractions, plastic bottles and film high throughputs of up to 20 t/h and optimum separation results. In this way, an efficient recycling of recyclable materials in the downstream processes is possible. A robust rotor with fixed resolution tines and a net weight of 2 t/h is the heart of the machine. A standard removable side wall of the bunker allows easy loading of chain conveyor. This brings the bales with a continuous feed, and pressure up to the rotor.

technical features

Required power:                              
bunker sizes:
work width:
rotor type:
rip up teth:
task products:
bale weight:
electrical connection:

6 t / h (about 18 bales per hour)
10 - 20 m³
1250 mm
bale(plastic, paper, alu, DSD...)
200 – 500 kg
bis 10 t/h
18 KW

Video Matthiessen Balebraker for PET Bales 
Video Matthiessen Balebreaker for mixed plastic bales