Bag Opener

Depending on the regions and countries recyclables from households, offices, public facilities, train stations, airports, etc. in different colored bags are collected. Ever since the introduction of the yellow bag in Germany in the 90s waste separation is a term for the Germans. But what happens after collecting in the bag? To reach the valuable materials, the bag can be opened and emptied.

Here begins our job:

The Matthiessen bag opener handle the job particularly gently and efficiently by not only opening the bags, but also mostly empty them.

In that the contents of the garbage bags are not shredded additionally, they can be fed to the subsequent sorting processes without further destruction. Both a manual and an increasingly more common automatic sorting are possible. Ultimately less valuable material ends up in the landfill waste – a really higher percentage can be additionally recycled. The Matthiessen bag opener not only preserves the valuable materials but also the energy consumption. Thus, for example only 15 kW are required to dispense a 25 t / h of a domestic household waste sorting plant.

Whether household waste, lightweight packaging, organic waste, paper collections - we have the right solution.

bag opener
Depending on throughput and kind of material we offer different solutions with and without bunker (machines with different working widths such as 1500, SRIII plus 1750, SRIV 2000)
Our hopper version often can be schedule into an existing plant line very simply and inexpensively. Bales also can be processed with the Matthiessen bag opener. After removing of the wires, it can be easily loaded into the bunker. The bale is easily (as with our Bale Breaker) dissolved and separated.

We are happy to make you an offer tailored to your needs. Just contact us!